Underground mining machines

The world of the underground mine is a world where modes of operations are constantly changing. This is why CMM offers unique solutions to meet the needs of its customers, whether at the level of operator safety / minors, respect for the environment, productivity, profitability, etc. …

CMM, pionne mines mechanization for more than 40 years belonged to the MDPA (Alsacian/Franch Potassium Mine) and acquired a long and rich experience in underground mine. CMM offers a wide range of machinery, equipment and various customized jumbos designed exclusively because there are no two underground mines.

CMM partner for underground mines around the world working for metallic and non-metallic mines, operated by method pillars and rooms with or without unstacking / backfilling. Our jumbos are used in semi-aligning, large vertical clusters, pitting etc. … CMM also provided machines for lode mines for example with jumbos 1 meter wide can evolve at galleries very small sections. Finally our equipment is used in explosive atmospheres and can be ATEX (explosion/flame proof).

CMM products such as drilling jumbos, bolting, scaling, with nacelle ANFO / ANOL and special equipment such as arms and slides/feeds drilling / bolting, personal transport trucks, transportation big bag, service vehicle, lift arms, rescue truck etc, dedicated to underground applications.

The CMM machines are used for the extraction of many different types of minerals and materials such as:

  • Potash
  • Salt
  • Coal
  • Uranium
  • Iron
  • Gypsum
  • Anhydrite
  • Different carbonates
  • Different aggregates
  • Gold
  • The diamond
  • The emerald
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Fluorite
  • Etc …

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